Saturday, March 14, 2015

Who likes toast?!

a friend of mine, Egle, had the brilliant idea of suggesting a toast post to me a while back.  it took a while to get around to it but now finally it's here!

avocado toast has become one of my absolute favorite new foods since moving to New York, where it can be found in almost any and every cute cafe.  i have tried almost every variation under the sun here although i'm sure i'll discover more in time to come.  

some of my personal favorites in New York can be found at Brunswick CafeCha Lait and Little Collins, but for those who want to try it out at home, it is SO easy to make and fun to play around with according to personal tastes.

here are two variations on avo toast, along with a third, sweet toast (no avocado involved!) for anyone like me who has a sweet tooth.

this first toast is the most classic and simple avocado toast, probably my favorite kind:

set about frying an egg (or two!) 
toast some good seeded brown bread
mash up an avocado to your desired consistency + season well with salt and pepper 
spread avocado on toast, sprinkle chilli flakes over and add a squeeze of lemon juice
top with fried egg and a drizzle of olive oil

second is a twist on the classic, really you can add/minus any preferred ingredients- there are a million and one things you can do:  

toast bread
mash and season avocado as above
again sprinkle chilli flakes (clearly I like some spice on my toast!)
sprinkle some pumpkin seeds over your avocado, or any seeds you like
drizzle with olive oil
grate some cheese on top, i like a nice salty hard cheese for this, thought about using pecorino but in the end chose to use ricotta salata which turned out delicious

sweet toast:

use the same bread to toast
in a small bowl mix up some goat's milk ricotta cheese with a spoon of maple butter
(you can use regular ricotta and any sweetener you prefer here too)
spread mixture on toasted bread
halve some figs and place on top
drizzle over maple butter

Sunday, March 8, 2015

a couple sundays ago...

hanging out in chinatown, celebrating the new year with friends and cameras
(check out lublyou's post here)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

a trip to tiny pinecone teahouse and bake shop

I had been meaning to visit this little pop-up since I first heard of it a couple months ago... 

But time has been passing too quickly here; all of a sudden it was February, and I was reminded that this week was their very last week! So naturally I decided this visit had to be made a priority.  I enlisted the help of Katie- my favorite food partner in crime, to come along and watch me stuff my face cake-test while we changed up our regular coffee routine by drinking our fair share of white tea out of some very cute cups. 

 Tiny Pinecone is a very cozy, relaxed set up where the owners Ben + Lisa are so welcoming and friendly, and the cakes seriously delicious.  Attention to design and detailing was clearly well thought out, and contributed to the space as a whole making it beautiful and interesting to look at.  

The light tea perfectly complemented the black sesame chiffon cake, which I fell in love with after my very first bite.  I instantly regretted the fact that I came so late to the Tiny Pinecone party- if it were a permanent establishment I would most definitely be a regular! 

 For now I am simply going to wait in anticipation for their next venture, while dreaming of that cake...